No one really likes wearing glasses. Given an option every person would want to do away with this contraption that sits across your eyes and burdens your nose and ears. 

Many techniques have been popular in the past for carrying out the treatment for fulfillment of the desire of being able to see clearly without glasses. Keratomileusis , Epikeratophakia and Radial Keratotomy are few of the notable techniques used with variable success.

Correction of glasses with Excimer Laser was introduced in India by Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital in 1991 and we continue to carry out this procedure today with Fourth Generation machines and latest techniques. The last 23 years have revolutionized Laser vision correction.

 We are proud to say that today we are even treating the children of patients whom we treated in the early nineties. 

Today Laser vision correction has become a mainstay of correcting spectacle numbers.

What does Laser vision correction do ?

Laser vision correction is a technique used for the correction of spectacle number being worn by the patient . This treatment enables the patient to see clearly without glasses.

Who are the likely candidates for laser vision correction ?

Patients of Myopia ( wearing minus glasses ) , Hypermetropia ( wearing plus glasses ) with or without astigmatism are suitable candidates for laser vision correction. In addition , the patient must have achieved 18+ age and his/her spectacle number must have remained stable for 6-12  months .

What types of eye glass numbers can be treated ?

We can treat :

(-) Minus numbers

(+) Plus numbers

& Cylindrical numbers

What are the different techniques for correcting eye glasses ?

Beyond using glasses and contact lenses , there are basically two different ways of correcting the number of glasses.

1. Laser Vision Correction popularly known as LASIK

2.  ICL or Phakic Lenses

Are there more than one techniques of Laser vision correction ?

Yes , there are different techniques to correct glasses with Laser


2. Microkeratome based LASIK

3. Bladefree LASIK

The choice of technique for a particular patient depends upon the suitability determined after assessing the various parameters of the eyes with Pentacam topography which tells us about the thickness of the cornea amongst many other details. Depending upon the number of your eye glasses and calculating it against the corneal thickness helps us deriving the technique(s) available for your eyes specifically . 

All the above mentioned techniques are available with us.

Bladefree LASIK utilizes two different lasers for doing laser vision correction . 

Bladefree Lasik workstation with the Femtosecond Laser on the left , the Excimer laser on the right and a swinging patient bed which shifts the patient between these two lasers.

What is ICL ?

If  after detailed checking ,corneal thickness is inadequate to carry out Laser vision correction , then ICL phasic intraocular lens implantation is considered as the final frontier.

With the ICL , very high numbers can be corrected quite accurately. Here also we have to test the patient  suitability for ICL implantation.

For more information on ICL , you may click HERE to reach the official website of Staar , the manufacturers of ICL

How long do I need to stay in Amritsar for Laser vision correction ?

For PRK you may need to stay for  approximately 6 days

For Normal LASIK , approximately 3 days

For Bladefree LASIK , approximately 3 days.

We believe in making sure about the wellbeing of our patients before we let them go home back to their city , hence the longer stay.

Patients belonging to Amritsar may go home same day and come for followup as told.

Is Laser vision correction accepted by Armed Forces , Merchant navy , Administrative services , Railways etc. ?

Every organization has it's own set of regulations and medical guidelines . While we can only try to help give you freedom from glasses , your chances of finding employment with these organizations depend upon their medical guidelines and you need to understand your chances of making it. 

How can I get more information about Laser vision correction ?

Yes. You may send an e-mail to :


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