IRIS CLAW LENS (Artisan Lens)

Iris Claw lens is special type of lens which has a wide variety of applications and versatility . We keep this option open for patients where regular intraocular lenses cannot be implanted for any reason.

Design of the Iris Claw Lens remains unchanged in the last 40 years. The lens was initially designed in Holland by Prof Jan Worst and has been extensively used worldwide. The design of the lens is such that it can be used in a variety of patients where nothing else works and also helps avoid more drastic surgeries.

This is the picture of a child with micro cornea and congenital cataract , a disease which runs in their family. He is the third generation to suffer from this congenital defect.  Since his eye was so very tiny , we had to get a customized lens made to fit his small eyes.

This is a picture of an Iris Claw lens implanted to the back of the iris. In this patient , the cataract had been removed but lens could not be implanted due to deficiency of posterior capsular support. Hence was referred to us for a secondary lens implantation. 

This is the picture of an Iris Claw Lens implanted inside an eye with no cataract. This patient suffered from extremely high minus spectacle number (approximately -20D) , for which no laser could be carried out. This picture is 18 years after this lens was implanted.