Adult Cataract Surgery:

Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital is a pioneer in the surgery of Cataract Extraction and intraocular Lens Implantation. The first Intraocular Lens implantation in India was carried out by Dr.Daljit Singh in the year 1976. Since then ,Cataract surgery and Intraocular Lens implantation techniques have undergone revolutionary changes and we have been the flagbearers of introducing the latest technologied for the benefit of our patients.

Cataract surgery has transformed from being merely a cataract removal technique to a precision guided system which ensures maximum visual benefit to a patient , looking at his requirements.

Paediatric ( Children) Cataract Surgery:

Thousands of children are born in India with Congenital Cataracts . Often due to lack of awareness, this disease continues across generations. We have a number of instances of having operated congenital cataracts in three generations in the same family.

Cataract in Child -Pre Operation

Post Cataract removal and Lens Implant

Laser Refractive surgery ( PRK , LASIK and Bladefree LASIK)

Treatment of




Phakic Intraocular lenses for Treatment of very high refractive errors .

Phakic Artisan Lens for treatment of very high minus  and plus numbers

Staar Phakic ICL for treatment of very high plus and minus numbers

Secondary and Retro Iris Fixated Intraocular Lenses

Post-operative picture of a retro-Iris Fixated Iris Claw Lens in a case of Trauma

Vitreo-Retinal Service (for treatment of retinal diseases )

Diabetic Eye Disease

Age related macular degeneration

Retina Detachment

Vascular tumours of Retina

Traumatic retinal problems

Glaucoma Service

Automated Perimetery

Retinal Nerve fibre anaysis



Plasma Knife assisted Glaucoma Filtration operation

Glaucoma Valve implantation in difficult cases.

Glaucoma valve surgery in a patient of glaucoma after injury

Aniridia Lens with Scleral Fixation

Paediatric Ophthalmology (Vision problems in Children)

Keratoplasty (Cornea Grafting)

Keratoplasty means transplantation of the cornea , obtained from a donor eye after death and then replacing the diseased cornea of the patient in the form of a circular button .

Case of Cornea grafting , one day post-operation

Keratoprosthesis Surgery ( Artificial Cornea Transplantation)

Artificial cornea implantation is done in patients in whom natural cornea cannot be transplanted

Patient with central corneal keratoprosthesis implantation

Patient with Paralimbal Keratoprosthesis implant because of weak central cornea

 This young girl came all the way from Nigeria for Keratoprosthesis surgery.

Left eye of the nigerian girl in closeup

Uveitis Clinic ( Inflammation in the eye)

Squint Clinic ( Crossed eyes)

Oculoplasty service ( e.g. Ptosis , Puffy eyes etc.)

Trauma Service ( for treatment of eye injuries)

Neuro ophthalmology ( eye problems related to the brain)

World class diagnostic facilities for assessing and monitoring eye disorders.