Affiliation with various Health Insurance Schemes

1.Ex-servicemen Contributory Health Scheme (ECHS) for Retired Army Personnel.
It has been a privelidge  for Dr.Daljit Singh  eye hospital to have been affiliated with the ECHS scheme for  Ex-Servicemen from the Army for  the last nearly 7 years. In these years, we have treated more  than 20000 patients during the period   2005-2011    
The ex-servicemen have to get a refferal from the ECHS clinic set up in the military establishments and then come to the hospital for treatment. All treatments are totally CASHLESS.
The quality of treatment being provided is at par with the best in the world.
Retd. Army personnel from all over the country can avail of the facilities.

2. Bhai Ghanayia Sehat  Sewa Scheme -BGSSS (Of Punjab Government)
This scheme targets people from rural backgrounds.Insured with a very nominal premium, patients can now avail of the best of the treatments at no cost. THis treatment is also CASHLESS.

3. Raksha TPA

4. Medsave

5. Family Heath Plan

6. Dedicated Health Services

7. Health Access 8. General Insurance

9. Central Government Health Servies (CGHS)

10. Airport Authority of India

11. M.D.India

12. Star Health Insurance

13. Park Mediclaim

14. Medicare

15.Apollo Munich Health Insurance

16. Medi Assist Health

17. Genins India

18. Khanna Paper Mill, Amritsar

19. Rashtriya Swasthaya Bima Yojna ( RSBY)

This is also a cashless scheme lauched on a countrywide basis for the under-privelidged. Treatment upto Rs. 30000 is covered per family per year without any premium. Patients from any pary of the country can avail of medical facilities anywhere in the country in the RSBY network hospitals.

20. National Fertilizer Limited, Bhathinda

21. Dedicated Healthcare Services

22. ICICI Lombard Healthcare

23. Future Generali Health

For any enquiries regarding Insurance based services, please call

Mr.Bhupinder Singh

Please contact your insurance agent for any specific queries regarding your insurance scheme details etc.