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Appointment Information




1. Press the ONLINE APPOINTMENT button in the hospital website ( daljiteye.com )

2. Select Branch - ASR

3. Select Appointment - General

4. Select the name of the doctor from the list provided :

   Cataract Treatment : Dr.Kiranjit Singh OR Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr.Harmit Kaur

   Lasik Treatment : Dr.Harmit Kaur OR Dr.Ravijit Singh

   Retina Treatment : Dr.Indu Singh OR Dr.K.K.Bhalla

   Squint Treatment : Dr.Arun Verma OR Dr.Ravijit Singh

   Keratoconus Treatment : Dr.K.K.Bhalla OR Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr.Arun Verma

   Eye Watering treatment : Dr.K.K.Bhalla

   Contact Lenses : Dr.Arun Verma

   Ptosis Treatment : Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr.K.K.Bhalla

   Glaucoma Treatment : Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr.Kiranjit Singh

   Eye Injury management : Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr. Kiranjit Singh OR Dr.K.K.Bhalla

   Any Other problem : Dr.Ravijit Singh OR Dr.Kiranjit Singh 


5. Select the Date for appointment by clicking on the drop down Calendar

6. Check the doctor schedule  by pressing the long blue button for the date selected above in step no 5.

7. Select the time slot and click the time button.

8. A form will open.

9. New patients need to fill all the columns in the form. please make sure that your telephone number has been entered correctly.

10. Existing patient needs to only enter the patient ID number and the software will fetch all the other details from the hospital management software.

11. Submit the form .

12. Your appointment gets fixed . 









Thank you for fixing an apointment with Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital on the online portal. 

Please read the following information carefully so that you can understand the process through which you will be subjected when you reach the hospital.


Q: Is it necessary for me to call the hospital to confirm after having booked an online appointment ?

A: No . It is not necessary to call the hospital to confirm whether your appoinment has been booked or not . The confirmation SMS received by you is the proof that your appointment has been booked.


Q: How to modifiy or cancel an appointment already booked online ?

A: The system does not allow you to modify or cancel an appointment already booked online . However you may go ahead and book another appointment on a day and time of your choice . 


Q: Where to proceed once you reach the hospital ?

A: You need to proceed to the reception hall where registration of new patients is being done. 


Q: What to do at the registration counter ?

A: Since you have pre-registered yourself in the online appointmnt portal , your details are already there in the hospital management system . You need to show the appointment confirmation SMS received onyour registered mobile and the receptionist will access your details from the hospital management system . You just deposit your fees and then you will be guided further.


Q: Will I be able to see the specialist doctor immediately at the exact  appointment time fixed with the hospital ?

A: No. You will not meet the doctor immediately after registration. Before you can meet the doctor , a team of optometrists will go through your detailed history and preliminary examination . They may even get a few eye tests and investigations ordered depending on the eye problem that you may be suffering from . This could include checking of your vision , checking of your glasses , your intraocular pressure etc. After this process ,the optometrist will refer you to the doctor with whom you have fixed the appointment specifically or the doctor you need to consult.


Q: How much time will it take to complete the eye testing ?

A: We try to complete the testing of all patients on the same day of their visiting the hospital . This may typically take anything from 30 minutes to 3 hours, depending on the eye problem. Very rarely we may advise the patient to come the following day for completion of the tests.


Q: Is this online appointment for eye testing or eye operation ?

A: The online appointment is for eye testing only. After patient has been tested thoroughly , and a decision has been reached for carrying ou the operation , then the patient file is transferred to the counselor who then fixes an appointment for surgery. It may be possible to get an appointment for surgery the very next day or the next available date. 


Q: Which patients can fix an online appointment ?

A: Both New and Existing patients can seek an online appointment . A new patient needs to fill up all the information as required in the appointment form . An existing patient just needs to fill the ID column (ID is the number printed before the patient's name on the OPD /Discharge card ) of the form and the rest of the information will be extracted from the hospital management software. 


Q: How do I share the previous test reports with the hospital ?

A: Just carry the previous test reports with you when you come to the hospital. We would suggest that you may carry photocopies of your reports so that the these could be kept as record by the hospital.


Q: Is it necessary to take an appointment before visiting the hospital ?

A: We will not turn you away even if you come without prior appointment or if there is an emergency situation. But it is advisable to take appoinment to allow us to serve you better.


Q:Where is the hospital located ?

A: The hospital is located on the Mall Road , just next to Shri Ram Aashram School , in Amritsar. It is very easy to locate the hospital. You may also checkout the google map at the bottom of this page to see the location of the hospital.