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Guide to fee structure of some commonly performed treatments.

(Final treatment costs can vary from patient to patient.)




Cataract Surgery in Adults ( Phacoemulsification and Lens Implantation)

Charges for cataract surgery vary according to the clinical condition of the patient , specific or mandatory requirements of the patient and the type of Intraocular Lens that is suitable for the patient's eye. We use the best Intra-ocular Lenses and devices for each all possible requirements. Spheric , Aspheric , Toric , Extended Depth of Focus lenses , Trifocal and Trifocal Toric Lenses are a part of our armamentarium .

Monofocal lens implantation surgery may vary from Rs.16000 to nearly 50000 depending on the lens decided upon .

Alcon Clareon Autonome Lens implant : 50000 per eye

Alcon Toric, Panoptix Multifocal and Panoptix Multifocal Toric may range from Rs 45000 to Rs.100000 depending on the lens chosen.

Alcon VIVITY lens implantation may range from 100000 (spherical) to 125000 (Toric) per eye.


Cataract Surgery in children : Basic Fee Rs 35000-Rs.50000 per eye + the type of premium lens selection as required, then charges get added up.


Complex Lens Implantation procedures : Rs. 50000 and above per eye.


Piggy Back Lens Implantation in patients with high residual refractive error : 60000 per eye.

Specific expense can be known only after examination of a patient.


Eye Injury management

Charges may vary according to the type of injury and the type of treatment required.


VITREO-RETINAL Treatments for diseases of the Retina


Optical Coherence Tomography : Rs 2000-3000 per test Both Eyes

Non invasive OCT Angio ( Angiovue) : Rs 3000

Green Laser for Diabetic Eye Disease : Rs 5000 Per Eye for whole life

Green Laser Sealing for Peripheral Retinal lesions : Rs 2500 per Eye

Pagenax Anti VEGF injection : Rs 30000 per injection per eye.

Accentrix Anti VEGF injection : Rs 25000 Per injection per eye.

Ozurdex Injection : Rs 27000 per injection per eye.

Avastin Anti VEGF injection : Rs 8000 per injection per eye

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeries ( There are many types of surgeries ) : Rs 60000 Plus

Silicone Oil Removal : Rs 15000

Vitreo-Retinal Surgeries may  have to be combined with Cataract Surgeries also so charges will get added up.


Dry Eye Diagnosis and Treatment  :

Dry Eye Testing ( Lipiview) : Rs 1500 

Dry Eye Treatment ( Lipiflow ) : Rs 25000 for Both Eyes .

Dr Eye Treatment : (Bleph HEE - Heat , Exfoliation and Expression ) Treatment : Rs 12000 Both eyes

Punctum Plugs : Rs 5500 for both eyes.


Treatment for correction of Spectacle/Glasses Number

Excimer Laser PRK /LASEK : Rs 70000 Both Eyes

Blade Free LASIK Customised : Rs 90000 Both Eyes

Phakic Spherical  and Toric ICL / IPCL Implantation for very high glasses numbers where Lasik is not possible : Rs 95000 per eye

Clear Lens Extraction and IOL implantation in patients with very high numbers but unfit for Lasik,PRK or ICL : Rs 45000 per eye.


Squint Surgery ( Treatment of crossed eyes )

Squint Surgery for crossed eyes : Rs 45000 per surgery . More than one surgery may be required in some patients .


Ptosis Surgery ( Treatment for Droopy eye lids by birth or advancing age) : Rs 45000 Per Eye

More than one surgery may be required in one eye. 


Laser DCR(Endoscopic) for treatment of blocked tear drainage channel : Rs 20000 Per eye


Glaucoma Surgery ( Kala Motia ) : Rs 25000 per eye


Keratoconus Testing and Treatment :

Keratoconus Testing : Rs 3000 Both eyes

C3R treatment for Keratoconus : Rs 30000 per eye

Intracorneal Ring Implantation in Keratoconus : Rs 125000 per eye.

Speciality Contact Lenses for Keratoconus :


Treatment of very high spectacle numbers where Lasik cannot be done.

Phakic Spherical  and Toric ICL / IPCL Implantation for very high glasses numbers where Lasik is not possible : Rs 100000 per eye



Botox Injections for Hemifacial and Orbicularis Spasm : Rs 20000 per session.


Pentacam Corneal Analysis test : Rs 2500 Both eyes.

OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography )Test : Rs 2500 Both eyes


IOL Master Testing : Rs 1000 Both eyes. 


Charges for General Anaesthesia  : Rs 5000 

Charges for Medicines and tests : 2000-3000 (Approximate)

Boarding and Lodging Extra  

All the above mentioned charges are approximate 

The above charges are subject to change without any prior notice.

We accept all Major Master / Visa Credit and Debit Cards.