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Q & A

Q: Where is the Hospital located in Amritsar ?

A: Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital is located on the Mall Road , Near Ram Aashram School , Opposite Nirmal Swami in Amritsar. It is 1.5 KM from the Railway Station and 1 KM from the main bus stand. Amritsar Airport is 13 Km from the Hospital

Q: Is Ayushmaan Card (Golden Card ) accepted at the hospital ?

A: Yes Sir, Golden Card is accepted at the hospital for Eye Treatments. 


Q: What other Government Health Schemes are implemented in the hospital ?

A: Sir, we accept Ayushmaan Card, CHGS card, CAPF Card for cashless treatment of Eye Diseases at the hospital.


Q: On which days of the week are patients examined in the hospital ?

A: Patients are examined daily except Sunday. OPD timings are 9.30 am to 1.30 pm.


Q: Which days of the week are operations conducted in the hospital ?

A: Operations are conducted on Monday, Tuesday,Wednesday,Thursday and Friday and Saturday. No operations conducted on  Sunday.


Q: How to fix appointment at the hospital ?

A: Appointment may be fixed online through our website www.daljiteye.com . Log on into the website and press the "Online Appointment " button and follow the easy instructions.


Q: What preparations to do before coming to the hospital (Important) ?


  • General medical checkup with family doctor.
  • Blood Pressure Testing
  • Blood Sugar testing , 2 hours after meals (Normal level <170 mg%)
  • Fresh ECG test with printout.
  • Cardiac (Heart) Fitness report for patients with a history of heart problem.
  • To stop blood thinning medicines 3 days prior to surgery prior to surgery after written permission from physician.
  • List of medicines with a history of Allergy.
  • Do not stop your medicines that you may be taking for Blood Pressure and Blood sugar control.
  • Bring along photocopy of all documents of treatments being taken currently.


Q: What do I need to know for insurance related cases ?


  • Talk to your insurance agent to know the current status of your insurance
  • For cashless treatment , make sure "Dr.Daljit SIngh Eye Hospital" is amongst the list of network hospitals for your insurance company.
  • Please carry along the identity card provided by the insurance company.
  • Please be ready to wait for at least 24 hours ( sometimes more) for the hospital to get permission from the insurance company/ TPA.
  • In case of denial of permission due to any reason, please carry enough cash/ credit card to pay for your treatment.
  • Sometimes cashless permission mentions a limit up to which they could make payment and the rest is then to be borne by the patient.
  • In case your insurance does not allow cashless treatment , then complete payment has to be made by the patient . It is mandatory for these patients to stay admitted in the hospital for at least 24 hours.Post treatment , payment receipts , treatment summary and certificate shall be issued by the hospital , which have to be given to your insurance agent , who then shall process your reimbursement from the insurance company. Insurance companies may reimburse full or partial expenses incurred in your treatment depending on your insurance.


Q: What process should the ECHS patients follow?


  • Get a referral issued from the ECHS polyclinic.
  • Get it endorsed from the local ECHS polyclinic if you are from another town.
  • Please mention that you wish to get treatment done at "Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital".
  • Visit our hospital and report at the ECHS counter with your referral slip and your ECHS smart card.
  • An OPD card shall be issued to the patient and then he gets his eye examination done.
  • In case patient only requires on OPD exam , he shall be advised treatment. Medicines prescribed shall be provided by ECHS polyclinic.
  • Glasses prescribed by the hospital have to be spent for by the patient himself.
  • In case any operation, procedure or surgery has to be done, an Appendix-A shall be issued by the hospital which has to be carried by the patient to the ECHS polyclinic and permission has to be taken to enable "Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital " to carry out the treatment.
  • Visit "Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital" and get your treatment scheduled.
  • Local patients may stay home .
  • Patients from out of town may need to be admitted to Dr.Daljit SIngh Eye Hospital at - Mall Road.
  • Both outpatient procedures as well as surgical procedures are carried out at are carried out at Dr.Daljit SIngh Eye Hospital , 1, Radha Soami Road , Mall Road , Amritsar.


Q: What things have to be made sure before getting a young child operated ?


  • Young children usually operated under general anaesthesia
  • Child's Haemoglobin (Hb) should be 10.0 grams or above.
  • Bleeding time and and Clotting time should be normal.
  • The child should not be suffering from any fever, cough or loose motions.
  • A fitness report should be taken from a local child specialist to make sure that the child is fit to undergo surgery under general anaesthesia.
  • Children should also be tested for any congenital (by birth ) defects.
  • All children to be operated under General Anaesthesia must get a Negative COVID-19 RTPCR test report within the last 72 hours.