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Diabetic Eye Disease

Dr Daljit Singh Eye Hospital has been at the forefront of treating Diabetic Eye Disease . The hospital has always been a champion of the cause to prevent blindness due to Diabetes with an experience of more than 30 years. 

We are equipped with Indirect Ophthalmoscopes ,Optical Coherence Tomography , Angiovue Non-Invasive OCT Angiography , Slit Lamp delivery Green Lasers , Indirect Ophthalmoscope delivery Green Lasers for medical Treatment of Diabetic Eye Disease. 

Patients with advanced Diabetic Eye Disease , with bleeding and with Retinal detachments etc are treated with Alcon Constellation High speed Micro Vitrectomy system , Topcon 800 Operating Microscope , Indirect viewing System and Alcon Purepoint Endolaser system.

We have a very Holistic approach to dealing with patients of Diabetic Eye Disease . Tips are given about Lifestyle management , meditation , diet and exercise to all patients of Diabetes.


What is Diabetic Eye Disease ?

Diabetic Eye Disease is a problem which develops in the Retina of the eye in patients of Diabetes . India is today the Diabetic Capital of the world . Once thought to be a disease of the affluent , Diabetes has affected people ocross all demographies , all  thanks to our deteriorating food habits and decrease in our physical activity.

Do all patients of diabetes develop Diabetic Eye Disease ?

Yes. Most patients of Diabetes would eventually develop Diabetic Eye Disease if they live long enough. It generally takes on a an average of 15-20 years of being a Diabetic before the onset of Diabetic Eye Disease.

Patients with poor Diabetes control and widely  fluctualting blood sugar are at a higher risk of developing Diabetic Eye Disease than patients whose blood sugar control has been good. 

Insulin dependent diabetics are at a higher risk of Developing Diabetic Eye Disease than ones with Adult onset Diabetes.

How can Diabetic Eye Disease be prevented or limited ?

Diabetic Eye Disease can be prevented or limited by undergoing regular eye checkups with your eye surgeon every 6 months . Retina must be checked during every visit to the doctor. In addition to that , strict Blood Sugar control and regular exercise helps keep this disease in check.

The idea of regular Retina checkup is that whenever the first signs of Diabetic Eye Disease are noted by the doctor , treatment is started , hence limiting the damage. 

Treatment and monitoring of Diabetic Eye Disease is a life long commitment for both doctor and the patient. 

How is Diabetic Eye Disease tested ?

Diabetic Eye Disease is tested first by checking of the Retina by an Ophthalmoscope by the doctor.

Then Non Invasive OCT ( Optical Coherence Tomography ) is done to ascertain the health of the macula of the retina . If the macular area of the retina is affected, then there is major disturbance in the quality of vision.

Non invasive Angiovue Angiography is then used to ascertain the status of profusion of blood vessels of the retina. In severe cases , large areas of the retina may show deficiency in blood supply , thus signalling the severity of the disease.

Advanced cases of Diabetic Eye Disease may show extensive areas of bleeding in the retina , deposition of yellow fats in the retina , swelling of different areas in the retina and even traction and tearing up of the retina.

B-Scan ultrasound machine helps us in finding about the status of the retina in case there is extensive bleeding and impossible to see the retina otherwise.


How is Diabetic Eye Disease treated in the early stages ?

Early stages of Diabetic Eye Disease is treated with Green Laser Photocoagulation to the retina of the eye. Laser dots are placed in whole of the retina except the central macular area. Timely treatment of retina with Green Laser application ensures to a great degree of stopping the disease from progression. However the patient must pitch in his bit by maintaining good health by keeping blood pressure and blood sugar in control.

What is the role of injections in the eye in Diabetic Eye Disease  ?

The central macular area of the retina is reponsible for fine vision . Swelling , bleeding and deposition of fats  in the macular area leads to decrease in fine vision. While rest of the retina can be treated with Green Laser , macular area cannot be treated in the same way. To treat Diabetic Maculopathy , Anti VEGF medicine must be injected inside the eye . This medicine reduces the bad effects of Diabetes and tends to improve vision . These injections may have to be repeated as often as needed.


What treatment is required to be done in advanced cases of Diabetic Eye Disease ?

Patients of advanced Diabetic Eye Disease may end up with bleeding inside the eye and even retinal detachment. Such patients have to undergo surgery known as Pars Plana Vitrectomy . During this surgery , the bleeding inside the eye is cleared and the membranes pulling on to the retina are removed . If need be , Silicone oil is injected inside the back portion of the eye to stabilize the retina . This oil typically stays inside the eye for about three months when it is removed after making certain that the retina is stabilized. Very often Cataract surgery is combined with retina surgery .


What is the outcome of Diabetic Eye Disease ?

If a patient of Diabetes keeps good care of his health , exercise daily and keep his blood sugar and blood pressure in ccheck , he can delay avoid Diabetic eye disease. Regular monotoring of the eye condition , early detection and early treatment is the key to saving eyesand  saving vision. With  worsening Diabetic Eye Disease , it becomes increasingly difficult to salvage vision. Many patients may lose their vision permanently.


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