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PTOSIS ( Droopy Lid)

Dr.Daljit Singh Eye Hospital is one of the very few institutes in the country that manage patients of Ptosis . We have a long history of treating Ptosis patients of all ages.

Patients of Ptosis have to be examined very carefully , categorized and then treatment  planned according to the clinical presentation . 

The problem is discussed with the entire family and all aspects of the treatment are shared with them before taking up a patient for Ptosis operation.


What is PTOSIS ?

Ptosis ( Pronounced as TOSIS ) is a disease of the eyelid in which th eupper eyelid stays partially closed and does not lift like in normal eyes.


What are the causes of Ptosis ?

Most commonly , Ptosis is detected by birth . Generally only one eye is affected but sometimes both eyes may also be affected by ptosis.

Sometimes  Ptosis may present with " Jaw Winking " problem . In this , the lid lifts up in a jerky  upward movement when the patient tries to eat , clench his teeth or move his lower jaw from side to side.

Ptosis can also be caused due to trauma to the eyelid which injures the muscle that lifts the lid.

Ptosis may be caused in elderly patients when there may be spontaneous disinsertion of the muscle from the lid.

Ptosis may be seen as an accompaniment in a disease called Myesthenia Gravis. 


How can Ptosis be treated ?

Ptosis is generally treated with Surgery . There are many types of surgeries carried out for Ptosis , which are chosen according to the clinical presentation of the patient.


What is the minimum age for treatment of ptosis ?

If ptosis is so severe that it coveres the pupil of the eye and makes it impossible for the child to see through that eye , then treatment must be done as early as possible to prevent weakening of vision.

If ptosis is such that the pupil of the eye is clear and there is no disturbance to vision , surgey may be deferred till the child is old enough to understand instructions .


What are the results after Ptosis surgery ?

Results after Ptosis surgery are very gratifying but the results of the operated eye can never match the beauty of the normal eyelid . There is bound to be some  noticible differences between the normal and the operated eye. 

Sometimes ptosis surgery may need to repeated to correct any residual ptosis.


For further information regarding Ptosis , please mail to ravijit@yahoo.com or call 9815000206