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Unique Situations

All eyes are not created equal . There are so many eye problems which need deep thinking out of the box and then creating a solution which is tailormade for a particular patient. At Dr Daljit Singh Eye Hospital we try to go beyond the usual and help our patients while observing the medical norms.

Few are some challenging situations where Dr Daljit Singh Eye Hospital provides Super Specialized customised solutions 


Secondary Intraocular Lenses

When a patient has been operated for Cataract previously but due to any technical reason , an Intraocular Lens was not implanted during the primary procedure , a secondary Intraocular Lens implantation is required to improve his vision and to avoid using thick glasses or contact lenses. Our hospital excels at managing such cases of secondary Intraocular lens implantation. 

Unlike primary cataract and lens implantation surgery , secondary intraocular lens implantation surgery could be very challenging depending upon the condition of the eye at hand. Every patient has to be evaluated individually and managed uniquely.

Retro-Iris fixated Iris Claw lenses , which have been pioneered by us are useful in many cases of secondary Intraocular lens implantation in addition to Scleral fixated intraocular lenses.

Piggy Back Intraocular Lenses

Sometimes after Cataract and Intraocular lens implantation , a patient may still end up with an unexpected high spectacle number. In such cases , we undertake the implantation of Piggy-Back intraocular lenses . Piggy -Back lens means that an additional lens is implanted over the lens already implanted inside the eye . Such lenses are ordered to be manufactured on a customised basis to suite a particular patient.

Customised High Spherical and Toric Intraocular Lenses

Some patients may present with very high spherical or cylindrical numbers and the conventionally available range of powers of intraocular lenses may not be suitable to take care of their optical requirements. In such cases , we work closely with Intraocular Lens manufacturing companies to create a unique product which would take care of their problem.


Lenses for very small and very big eyes

Commercially available lenses are suitable for normal sized eyes. Some patients have eyes which may be either too small in size ( Microcornea) or too large ( Megalocornea) in which the conventionally available lenses would either be misfit . We undertake to have lenses of the appropriate dimensions manufactured to be suitable for such eyes.


Lenses for eyes with prior trauma

Patients of trauma may come with a wide variety of presentations. Every patient has to be evaluated and lens implant design suitable for implanation in such patient has to be decided . If need be customised lenses are used to help the patients.

Cataract surgery in previously operated patients of Radial Keratotomy (RK) and Lasik .

When Patients who had undergone RK surgery or Lasik surgery 20-30 years ago develop cataract , it is a challenging situation. The situation is compounded by the fact that in all these years , all old documentation is often lost . We undertake treatment of such patients with normograms developed especially to help the cause of such patients . Multiple equipments are used to calculate the intraocular lens power for implanation . 

RK operated patients are especially difficult to operate because of multiple cuts in the cornea , which need to be stabilized during cataract surgery otherwise the cornea may split into multiple segments.


Scleral fixated Intraocular Lenses

Scleral fixated intraocular lenses are used in patients where there is inadequate iris or capsular support . In such patients , an intraocular lens is fixed to the sclera using polypropylene or stainless steel material.

Iris Claw Lenses

Iris-Claw lens is a unique design of Intraocular Lens  which has the potential to help in a variety of situations where normal lenses cannot be used. We are specialists in the use of Iris Claw Lens . We can implant iris claw lenses to the back of the iris . Such lenses are extremely safe and reliable.


 If you have a unique problem for which you are not be getting treatment , you may contact us at daljiteyehospital@yahoo.in  and we will try to help you out.